MARKETING YOUR HOME DAYCARE Because most home daycares operate on a tight budget, marketing can be difficult.  Below are some different types of marketing you may wish to use (some will be cheaper and more effective than others.)

1.  Childcare Central: Sign-up for an enhanced listing on  We offer very affordable plans (some start as low as $1.70/month)  that allow you to add extra information about your daycare.  Every day we have parents searching for home daycare on our site.  Purchasing an enhanced listing is an inexpensive way to help your daycare stand out from the rest.

2.  Word of mouth:  When you first start your daycare, make sure you tell your old co-workers (if you previously worked outside the home), people at your church, neighbors, etc. that you are starting a home daycare. You never know who may be looking for child care.  Once your daycare is open, work hard at providing excellent care; parents will be happy to tell their friends about your daycare and you may not have to do any more marketing at all! 

3.  Newspaper Ad:  Newspaper advertisements can be successful in some areas of the country, but they are often pricey and not nearly as effective as other means of advertising.  Avoid advertising in the newspaper unless you are confident you will get the results you desire.

4.  Phone book ad:  Phone book ads are another pricey form of advertisement.  It is not practical for most home daycares to use this type of advertising.

5.  Signs:  Signs placed outside your home or on the street will probably not attract the clients you are looking for.  If you live on a busy street, you may want to put up a sign for a short period of time to see if you receive any calls.