DOES YOUR CHILD HATE TO WEAR HIS OR HER SHOES? When it comes to children, shoes can be a hassle--shoe laces continuously need to be tied, some shoes are uncomfortable for children (they may be too small, too big, or cause blisters), and no matter how well they fit, many children are constantly taking them off.

There is a simple solution: bring slippers for your child to wear at daycare. Slippers are nice to have when there's chilly weather, especially for babies who can't tell you that their feet are cold. In addition, slippers solve the common problems with shoes that were mentioned earlier. There are no shoe laces to tie, they are bound to be comfortable, and children will want to keep on a covering for their feet that is comfortable.  Before you pack slippers for your little one, check with your child's teacher and make sure it is okay if your child wears slippers instead of shoes.  Licensing regulations or daycare rules may prevent you from bringing slippers for your child.  However, most teachers like the idea especially if your child is constantly taking off his shoes, but is willing to leave on slippers.  Even if licensing prevents your older child from bringing slippers, you will probably still be able to put them on your baby.