Finding affordable, high quality child care is a challenge.  After spending weeks or months looking for care, you may have found the perfect program at a rate you can afford.  However, make sure you are aware of additional costs that may increase the amount you must pay for care.  Many programs will charge you an additional fee for the following reasons:

1.  If you are late paying tuition:
Hopefully, you will be able to pay tuition on time every week.  However, make sure you are aware of the program's late fees if you think you may occasionally not be able to pay on time.

2.  If you are late picking up your child
If you are going to be picking your child up shortly before the program closes, make sure you know what fees you will be charged if you are late.  Many programs will charge you a fee if you are even one minute late picking up your child.

3.  Registration
Most programs will charge a registration fee.  However, these fees can range from $10.00-$200.00.  Also, some programs charge this fee once, while other programs will charge you this fee every year.

4.  Meals
Make sure that meals are included in your tuition.  Some programs require you to pay an extra fee or to pack meals for your child.

5.  Activities
Some programs include a variety of special activities in their fees.  Other programs will charge you every time there is a field trip or some other special activity planned.

6.  Cameras
Many daycare centers now have cameras installed.  These daycares often use the cameras as a marketing tool to convince parents to enroll their children.  However, most daycare centers will charge you to actually view your child during the day.  If you plan on viewing your child's classroom during the day, make sure you ask if there are any fees.

7.  Supplies
Some daycares require children to bring all of their own supplies and others will provide some supplies.  For example, some daycares will provide wipes and some will not.  Older children may have to bring their own crayons and glue while other daycares will provide these art materials.

Before enrolling your child in any program, make sure you ask about additional fees and carefully read the parent handbook or any other materials provided to you by the center.