BITING, BITING, IS NO FUN Biting may be one of the most difficult things teachers of young children have to deal with.  Providers have the responsibility of doing everything they can to prevent children from getting bit and then taking appropriate actions when a child is bitten.  Providers also have to deal with frustrated parents who often place the blame on the teacher.  Below are several suggestions to decrease biting in your classroom.

1.  Educate yourself and then share your knowledge with parents. 

You may learn ways to help decrease or prevent biting and may have more confidence in dealing with the subject.  Parents are likely to be more patient and understanding when it does occur if they feel like you are educated on the subject and doing everything you can to prevent it from happening.

2.  Stock your classroom with multiple copies of favorite toys.

Biting often occurs when children are fighting over a toy.  Make sure you have multiples of the toys children play with most.  For example, children are less likely to fight over a doll or truck if you have ten of each as opposed to only one. 

3.  Add additional staff. 

If your budget allows it, add additional staff for a short period of time until the situation is under control.  If you can't afford additional staff for the entire day, have an extra person present during the busiest times of the day (during lunch or before naptime).