WHEN IT'S TOO COLD TO PLAY OUTSIDE When it's too cold, hot, or wet for the kids to play outside, you may have to be creative to keep your kids busy and prevent them from playing an indoor game of tag in your classroom.  Below are several possible activities that involve some physical movement.

  1. Simon Says (works best with older kids)
  2. Charades (have the kids act out animals)
  3. Musical Chairs (you may want to have enough chairs for all the kids so no one is ever "out")  Another variation is to use little carpet squares or mats instead of chairs.  When you use mats, it is less likely the kids will end up hurting each other.
  4. Turn on music and let the kids dance, do actions, or play instruments along with their favorite songs.
  5. Blow up a few balloons and challenge the kids to see how long they can keep them in the air (make sure you are closely supervising this activity so the balloons don't get popped)
  6. Let the children "help" you clean the room.  While you don't want them handling cleaning products, you can give them a cloth to dust with, etc.
  7. Put in their favorite children's music video.  While television viewing can encourage idleness, if you pick the right movie the children will be up and dancing along with the characters. (You don't want to have them watching television for extended periods of time or even every day while in your care, but it's fine every once in awhile)
  8. Set-up stations with a different game/activity at each one.  For example, one station could have some beanbags and a container for the children to throw them into.  Another station could have beach balls for the children to throw back and forth and another one could have hoola hoops.
  9. If you have had a long period of winter weather that prevents you from going outside for an extended period of time, have an indoor picnic.  Have the kids help you lay down blankets on the floor and serve them bag lunches.  The kids will enjoy having a summer picnic in the middle of December.
  10. Have indoor races.  Obviously you don't want the kids running, but you can have them crawl, hop, or walk backwards to the finish line.