1.  Flowers:

Buy a couple flats of flowers, pots, and dirt.  Have the kids help you plant their flowers in the pots.  You can have them decorate the pots before planting the flowers if you wish.  If you start this project a couple of weeks before Mother's Day, the kids can also water and care for their plants until it is time to take them home.  You may also wish to help the kids make a card and tie it around the flowerpot with a piece of ribbon.

2.  "I love my mom because..." book:

Fold a few sheets of white paper in half and staple them together.  Write "I love my mom because..." on the cover of the book.  Have the children color a picture on each page that represents one reason they love their moms.  Sit down with each child and have them tell you what they colored on their pages.  Then, write down what they tell you.  For example, a child might tell you, "she takes care of me when I'm sick."  You would write this at the bottom of the page.  This project works  best with children who are at least pre-school age.  If the children are old enough, they can do the writing.

3.  Picture Card

This is a good project to do with younger children.  Start with a large piece of colored construction paper for each child.  Allow them to color or finger paint one side of the piece of paper.  When the  paper is dry, fold it in half (with the decorated portion on the outside) to make a card.  Make a sign that says, "Happy Mother's Day!"  Take a picture of each child holding this sign.  Glue the picture to the decorated cover of the card.  For the inside, dip each child's hand in paint and stamp to the inside, top, right portion of the card.  Then, write "Love,"  Allow the child to "sign" his or her name beneath the part where you wrote "love."

*Remember that some children may not have contact with their mothers.  In this case, you should talk to the child's gaurdian and ask who the child might like to make a gift for.  You can easily alter these projects to be for a grandma, aunt, etc.