5 SIGNS YOUR DAYCARE NEEDS TO GET UNIFORMS Your daycare may already have a dress code that gives guidelines for how employees should dress for work. 

However, these may be unclear or employees may have difficulty adhering to the guidelines. 

Uniforms can be an excellent way to address the following common problems.

1.  Employees aren't dressing modestly: 

Employees may not be coming to work in a mini skirt,  but they may still be wearing shorts, pants, or shirts that expose a lot of skin.  This is a common problem because child care workers have to bend over a lot during the day to pick up children, toys, or to do cleaning.  Cleavage, backs, and the midriff are the most commonly exposed areas.  Tattoos and undergarments may also be exposed if an employee is not properly dressed.  A uniform can quickly alleviate these problems.

2.  Employees are coming to work in nice clothing:

Employees are wearing clothing that they are afraid might get ruined.  If this is the case, they are probably not doing the best job they can taking care of the children and classroom because they are worried about their new outfit getting damaged.

3. Parents and children have a difficult time identifying staff members:

You may hope the parents and children become familiar with the staff who work at the daycare.  However, many daycares experience high turnover or are just so large this may not happen.  You want children and parents both to be able to quickly identify the people in charge.  During drop-off and pick-up times this can become especially difficult because there are so many parents in the building.

4.  Employees are not respected by the parents and children:

While other factors may be involved, the way an employee dresses has a lot to do with whether or not they are respected by the people around them.  If employees have a professional appearance, parents are less likely to question their decisions and children are more likely to view them as people in authority who should be listened to.

5.  There is disunity among employees:

If employees are not getting along or having difficulty functioning as a team, you may want to consider ordering uniforms.  When employees are dressed the same, a team environment is created that focuses people on working together.