OH, BE CAREFUL LITTLE MOUTH WHAT YOU SAY Children learn by imitation. If what you say should not be repeated, do not say it around children. It may seem as though they aren't listening, but in reality they are.  When you have children in your care, avoid:

1.  Profanities:

This one may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how easy it is for some people to "slip up" when they are used to using profanities in their everyday language.  Also, you should remember that parents have different standards of what is acceptable things for their children to be learning/repeating.  For example, some parents would be furious if their little ones used God's name in vain or a word like "gosh", while other parents could care less. 

2.  Gossip: 

When many staff members work in the same area, gossip can be difficult to avoid.  Just remember the kids are listening and could repeat or be troubled by what you say.  Furthermore, another staff member or parent could walk in and overhear you.

3.  Adult Subject Matter: 

This is anything children shouldn't be thinking or worrying about.  For example, don't talk about some relative's illness or the fire that killed a family just down the road from where you live.  This type of conversation could scare a child or have them worried about something they shouldn't even need to be thinking about at their age.

4.  Complaining: 

You shouldn't ever complain about your job in front of the children.  They should feel loved and appreciated when in your care.

5.  Demeaning/Belittling Comments about any of the Children: 

No matter how much some of the children may frustrate you, you should never say anything to make them feel bad about themselves are their families.

6.  Any conversation that may make children feel uncomfortable, fearful, or upset: 

Simply avoid anything that does not contribute to a caring, positive learning environment for the children.